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What I know about YOU by Antonio Noack

I know Google is collecting enourmous amounts of data from us for advertising purposes, but I used it because:
- it is pretty common, more over Youtube than by Google+
- it is secure
- there are not as many racists as on Facebook

So every time you're commenting, or creating your own thread I'll know it because I have to save the data so other can see it. What do I see?

Your ID for identifing you so that you can purchase the game one day and keep it even if you change your name.

If you accept the basic data request I'll see additionally:
Your prename (not saved)
Your name (not saved)
Your complete name (used for showing)
Your google mail adress
Your profile picture

I won't use this data for any other things than for my site, so don't be scared. I also don't get anymore interesting to know about you.


New Contents by Antonio Noack

Hey guys, this article will contain my way to the game you know at the moment or the future :)


Alpha by Antonio Noack

Hey Guys and Girls:

For showing the basic features I'll create a public server called "alpha", because that's exactly what it is:
The server showing all features and maybe even plans of the alpha.
I hope you'll enjoy and am open for any suggestions ♥


AKISA by Antonio Noack

If you're wondering why changes need sometimes extremely long: I am trying lots of diffent things for the game so it works best, and you get the best chances to learn sth while playing. Also I've other projects, the most difficult one: AKISA = Antonios künstliches Intelligenzsystem alpha
(Antonios artifical intelligence project). It needs a lot of thoughts because there is no final version you can plan, there is no specific task, there is just the idea of something able to learn, to answer and to chat.


Sims Architecture by Antonio Noack

Like in Sims it would be great to have a world where you can build walls, floors, houses in general, looking like those from Sims. If you want to help me, you can help me coding, or creating fancy 32px wall and floor textures.

It would be fantastic if we got it working. The idea isn't that new: it exists at least since July 2016 and I really wish that we get it :D

A nice and general question for all mods is the one about how to craft things, make things from others:
a crafting menue is easiest, a crafting table easier, a real crafting feeling however is hard to get. Let's hope I can make a nice system where you can create your own walls :D

See/read you, yours Antonio


'Bout this section by Antonio Noack

This section is made for you users, to share your discovered bugs here so I can fix them. Ofc for this moment, the site still is in a early state, so reporting bugs isn't that useful, still I'll listen to your reports; and also ideas if you've nice ones :D

Yours Antonio


Shared first server? by Antonio Noack

Because we still have few players, I'd suggest we first play all on one server, until we're 4-5 at a time and things become complicated ;D.
I'd use the alpha world, however other recommendations are welcome, too; just post them in the comments.

Yours Antonio


DevKit by Antonio Noack

The DevKit, developers kit, allows plugin and mod creators to build their creations near the game itself without need to upload the files every time. It works since the files are loaded from the game itself. There is an editor in a second tab when you use the command /openeditor or /oe.

It's internal link is /plugins/devkit.js.


WorldEdit by Antonio Noack

Yeah right, just like the bukkit/spigot plugin, there is a WorldEdit plugin for your server on play.phychi.com now :)

If you wish new commands, just write me. I added the most important ones for myself. Also if a dude is interested in taking over that project, he can do; I've my big phychi project.

Known and working commands [with arguments] are:
//pos2 mark a region
//replace [blocktypetoreplace, newblocktye] replace a material with another one
//set [blocktype] fill all blocks in the selected area with this type
//sphere [blocktype, radius] makes a sphere
//hsphere same as //sphere, just hollow inside
//cyl [blocktype, radius, height] make a cylinder
//hcyl same as //cyl just hollow
//fill [blocktype, radius] fills an area below your feet with a material; only on that y-layer
//fillr [blocktype, radius] same as //fill, just deep, too

The address is /plugins/worldedit.js.
Actual developer: me


Some Weather Diary by Antonio Noack

Hi dudes, only few will read this, but I need sb to tell, however I feel like nobody is listening at details:

I am working at weather prediction atm, where problems are the speed of PHP arrays, 4D matrices and evolution, next to saving all data on a MySQLDatabase because I don't have file writing access.


Test123 by Antonio Noack

Last time this won't work for my sister... this is the test whether it still works for me :)


Update by Antonio Noack

This is just a test, whether everything still works :)
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