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WorldEdit 1.0!1495083352842

Antonio Noack

Yeah right, just like the bukkit/spigot plugin, there is a WorldEdit plugin for your server on now :)

If you wish new commands, just write me. I added the most important ones for myself. Also if a dude is interested in taking over that project, he can do; I've my big phychi project.

Known and working commands [with arguments] are:
//pos2 mark a region
//replace [blocktypetoreplace, newblocktye] replace a material with another one
//set [blocktype] fill all blocks in the selected area with this type
//sphere [blocktype, radius] makes a sphere
//hsphere same as //sphere, just hollow inside
//cyl [blocktype, radius, height] make a cylinder
//hcyl same as //cyl just hollow
//fill [blocktype, radius] fills an area below your feet with a material; only on that y-layer
//fillr [blocktype, radius] same as //fill, just deep, too

The address is /plugins/worldedit.js.
Actual developer: me