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Antonio Noack

Like in Sims it would be great to have a world where you can build walls, floors, houses in general, looking like those from Sims. If you want to help me, you can help me coding, or creating fancy 32px wall and floor textures.

It would be fantastic if we got it working. The idea isn't that new: it exists at least since July 2016 and I really wish that we get it :D

A nice and general question for all mods is the one about how to craft things, make things from others:
a crafting menue is easiest, a crafting table easier, a real crafting feeling however is hard to get. Let's hope I can make a nice system where you can create your own walls :D

See/read you, yours Antonio!1488133190005

Antonio Noack

Ofc this mod will allow user added content à la open source like phychi is itself.