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What I know about YOU 1.0


Antonio Noack

I know Google is collecting enourmous amounts of data from us for advertising purposes, but I used it because:
- it is pretty common, more over Youtube than by Google+
- it is secure
- there are not as many racists as on Facebook

So every time you're commenting, or creating your own thread I'll know it because I have to save the data so other can see it. What do I see?

Your ID for identifing you so that you can purchase the game one day and keep it even if you change your name.

If you accept the basic data request I'll see additionally:
Your prename (not saved)
Your name (not saved)
Your complete name (used for showing)
Your google mail adress
Your profile picture

I won't use this data for any other things than for my site, so don't be scared. I also don't get anymore interesting to know about you.