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Essentials 1.0!1471187066439

Antonio Noack

You may know Essentials as Minecraft plugin but what is important here is its name: is includes all the commands that make your life easier.
Included at the moment:
/time <time>
/day, /night, /noon
/clear, /clear4all (the chat)
/gamemode, /gm
/help (lists all commands)
/sethome <name>
/delhome <name>
/home <name>
/setwarp <name>
/delwarp <name>
/warp <name>
/pos (shows your position)
/set <block> (at your position)
/setblock <x> <y> <z> <block>
/speed <amount>
/tp <playername> OR <x> <y> <z> ... etc...
/fov <amount> (sets the field of view)
/mousespeed <amount>

More commands will be following :)