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FallingTrees by Antonio Noack

I don't know how well I'll get the general game about self falling trees but even if they won't fall I'll surely add my own plugin for falling trees :D

Your Antonio Noack :)!1471187066439

Essentials by Antonio Noack

You may know Essentials as Minecraft plugin but what is important here is its name: is includes all the commands that make your life easier.
Included at the moment:
/time <time>
/day, /night, /noon
/clear, /clear4all (the chat)
/gamemode, /gm
/help (lists all commands)
/sethome <name>
/delhome <name>
/home <name>
/setwarp <name>
/delwarp <name>
/warp <name>
/pos (shows your position)
/set <block> (at your position)
/setblock <x> <y> <z> <block>
/speed <amount>
/tp <playername> OR <x> <y> <z> ... etc...
/fov <amount> (sets the field of view)
/mousespeed <amount>

More commands will be following :)!1495083116940

DevKit by Antonio Noack

The DevKit, developers kit, allows plugin and mod creators to build their creations near the game itself without need to upload the files every time. It works since the files are loaded from the game itself. There is an editor in a second tab when you use the command /openeditor or /oe.

It's internal link is /plugins/devkit.js.!1495083352842

WorldEdit by Antonio Noack

Yeah right, just like the bukkit/spigot plugin, there is a WorldEdit plugin for your server on now :)

If you wish new commands, just write me. I added the most important ones for myself. Also if a dude is interested in taking over that project, he can do; I've my big phychi project.

Known and working commands [with arguments] are:
//pos2 mark a region
//replace [blocktypetoreplace, newblocktye] replace a material with another one
//set [blocktype] fill all blocks in the selected area with this type
//sphere [blocktype, radius] makes a sphere
//hsphere same as //sphere, just hollow inside
//cyl [blocktype, radius, height] make a cylinder
//hcyl same as //cyl just hollow
//fill [blocktype, radius] fills an area below your feet with a material; only on that y-layer
//fillr [blocktype, radius] same as //fill, just deep, too

The address is /plugins/worldedit.js.
Actual developer: me