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The first thread ever. by Antonio Noack

Wow, ich bin erster in meinem eigenem Thread, dessen Inhalt ich bestimmt erst 10mal gelöscht habe...


The second thread! by xAntonio Noack

Hey guys and girls, it should be possible now to send your own thread :D!1471006577244

All good things are 3 by Antonio Noack

for testing :)
Best regards: The Website Owner.!1471188317706

Soon added contents by Antonio Noack

This following lines will include the things I'll or may add next :D!1471514573269

New Contents by Antonio Noack

Hey guys, this article will contain my way to the game you know at the moment or the future :)!1503127063725

Some Weather Diary by Antonio Noack

Hi dudes, only few will read this, but I need sb to tell, however I feel like nobody is listening at details:

I am working at weather prediction atm, where problems are the speed of PHP arrays, 4D matrices and evolution, next to saving all data on a MySQLDatabase because I don't have file writing access.!1670941546421

Update by Antonio Noack

This is just a test, whether everything still works :)
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